Privacy Policies & Unbounce [Poll 📊 ]

Hey folks!

Chances are, you’ve become accustomed to seeing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy notifications any time you’re submitting your personally identifiable data into a form online.

For example…

We’re trying to validate some details to see how we can best support the work that you do, so we’re hoping to collect some feedback here in the community.

Do you link to a Privacy Policy on your Unbounce landing pages?

  • Yes, we created an Unbounce landing page/pop-up just for our Privacy Policy
  • Yes, we used our existing Privacy Policy on our website
  • No, but we should have a Privacy Policy since we ask visitors for personal information
  • No, we don’t need a Privacy Policy
  • Other (feel free to specify in the comment section below)

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For those of you that do have Privacy Policies, we’d love to hear how you created it.

While Unbounce is in no position to ever offer legal advice, we’re hoping to be able to share helpful resources so that you can make informed decisions when drafting and publishing your privacy policies using Unbounce landing pages.

Feel free to thread below if you have any questions or feedback.

Happy page building!


It my understanding that if you are collecting data you have a legal obligation to include the PP on every page, including landing pages. That includes CCPA as well if collecting in California. Juts because many people don’t do it or don’t want to do it does not make it the correct :slight_smile: