Prioritize pages that need the most love


We have about 40 pages at this point (not including varients). It would be awesome if there was a “sort” button on the dashboard that reordered pages by worst performers (based on the amount of traffic they’ve received). This would make it quick to figure out what pages were underperforming without having to scan through and calculate conversionrates compared to the amount of traffic each page has seen.


Why stop there? Allow sort by alpha too.


Are there any updates on this? it seems like a pretty basic feature, unless most people only have less than 10 pages. Anything over 10 and a sort feature becomes pretty valuable. Even with 10 pages, I’d like to sort by alpha at least.


Hi Ben - Since the original question in 2010, we’ve added page groups and a search page name function to help with quick access. We’ve just started looking at a broader UI redesign that should include different sorting options though. It wouldn’t be too huge of a feature build, but based on other feedback we’ve received (including interviewing a bunch of customers that have a lot of pages), we ended up prioritizing other things over it.


Hey guys, just wanted to clarify that “Improved Page Management” as a project has slowly been working its way up our roadmap. Ahead of it has been the Script Manager that we launched in Labs a couple weeks ago, along with improving lead management by allowing you to download leads across an entire client (or page) within a specific date range. This has already started rolling out.

Our marketing team uses Unbounce every day and has 980+ pages in their primary client… we are feeling the pain ourselves without better sorting so we’re all looking forward to making this improvement as soon as we can.