Printing landing page


is there a way I can print or save as a pdf a landing page, for proof reading purposes?


Hi Eri - We don’t have an export to PDF option, but you can use your browser’s zoom (if necessary) to zoom out and then print from the File menu of most browsers.

On our Pro99 plan and up, you can also invite unlimited Viewer users–those users can’t make edits to your pages, but they can view stats and also preview pages for approval/proofreading. If you’re currently in your free trial period, you can upgrade to a different plan during the 30-days without any cost as well.


Hey Eri, 

Just to chime in on Quinn’s tips above, there’s actually quite a few third-party browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox that can capture the entirety of a webpage and save it as one large image file for you. Check out this quick video demo using the TechSmith Snagit plugin for Chrome:

From there, you can simply print the image or send it to your clients as a proof. Hope this helps!