Prevent Duplicate Email Submissions


I’m getting ready to start a campaign with a CPL model and want to ensure that an email address can’t be submitted more than once. What’s the best way to do that?


Hi Heather, unfortunately, we currently don’t have anything built into prevent duplicate leads.

You can prevent conversions with IP filtering, but 1) that would be a manual process, as you’d need to grab the IP of anyone who converts and add them to IP filtering and 2) there’s a small percentage of people who may be on shared IPs and you’d be blocking those conversions as well.

We do have a pending request for some sort of duplicate lead filtering, so please add your +1 to this post–customer feedback always helps drive our product road map:…




Hey Lenny! 
Don’t forget to +LIKE this post at the top of the page to show your support for this feature request.


Do we have any update on this feature?  


This is insane. I spend a week building, cramming, only to learn I now have to crawl back into the Aweber Cave. This borders on the ABSURD. BTW - How’s that next round of funding going? Sorry to be so rude, but after working so hard, I’m pissed.

Maybe Chris Sacca can build a landing page that does what it’s created to do - 

(Note to self: call Chris)

Guys you do realize this requires 1 Line of Code right? (1)? one?

I think I’m going to be sick…


I can understand your frustration but I do not think this is the correct approach.

Do you know how easy it is to deduplicate a list these days?

While I completely agree this feature is something that needs to be looked at I see no value in being impolite or name dropping, as you can see, it didn’t exactly elicit any help from the community did it?

Good luck with your nausea I hope it fades, in the meantime maybe we can think about having a constructive conversation around how we can accomplish this goal with the current constraints? I’m sure we can come up with some kind of solution while we wait for it to get developed into Unbounce.




Hey guys,

Are we going to have this feature?
The basic check that can work is one where the currently submitted phone number or email address is the same as one submitted before.

Even that basic check would help.


This sure should be possible by programming. It may be a bit complicated. A field validation rule would be used in the email field. It would query a remote javascript you host. The script would return true or false whether it was a duplicate or not. The script itself would query your leads database. I suggest posting it on Freelancer and seeing what you can come up with.