Prefilled Fields Needed


Fields need an example!
I’m running recording playbacks and it’s showing ppl putting their email in the NAME box, then getting frustrated and leaving.

can you make the box a field that can be edit?

Name:* (John)
Email:* (

parentheses are the boxes

so when they click inside the box it disappears and they put in their info

i have watched about 4 videos today and they all seem to have that problem


i’m not a jquery coder

can you allow me to put more than 1 URL box so i can enter a few prefill fields

i used mouseflow… they give u 100 free recordings


Hi Robert, when you say “more than 1 URL box” are you referring to the jQuery script? If you send a link to your page to I can probably help you out better.


nevermind i thought it worked

if many people asked for the prefilled fields then that’s something a company should look into. I’m just surpised you guys haven’t done it a long time ago.

nevermind …i’ll just use aweber’s form


Hey Robert, the only reason we haven’t implemented this as a permanent solution is because we are hard at work improving our forms and integrations in other ways (including planning an integration with Aweber)! I will make sure to update this thread and let you know when the pre-filled fields feature is available though. And please let me know if you’d ever like any help implementing the interim solution I mentioned above…



Hi Robert,
This is a feature that’s on our radar as a couple of other folks have requested it. In the meantime, there is a way to accomplish what you’re looking for with a bit of jquery code - you can see the example I left in another thread here…

In the example I talk about making sure the field is properly named “url” – your fields can be named however you want, this is how you find the name of the field to use in the jQuery script:

We will be looking at adding this functionality into the product soon. Let me know if you have any problems implementing this temporary solution.


P.S. Out of curiosity, were you using a 3rd party service to capture video playback of your users? It’s great to see customers doing research like this and we are always interested in new integrations to incorporate into the product…