Pre-Ticked Checkbox?


Hi all,

So I’m creating a form that contains a 1 box checkbox field with a label that asks the customer if they consent to be contacted by us.

There’s a very high chance that the customers would like to be contacted as they would not fill out the form otherwise.

My question is: Would it be possible to have this box pre-ticked for the customer to untick at their own discretion?

Many thanks


Hey Alan!

Good question! If you check the option in the builder and hit Save and Publish, it will appear checked when users land on your page.

Give that a try and let me know how that goes :relaxed:


Hey Jess,

Yup, that’s solved it! Thanks for the help!


My pleasure, Alan! Reach out any time :wave:


You can also go a step further if you really want your end user to make sure they see and act. The checkbox can now be a thing of the past. Check out this [How To] on firing off a alert box on button click. Hope it helps :slight_smile: