Pre-Select Dropdown Field via Buttons


I’m looking for a possibility to Pre-Select the Dropdown Field automatically after clicking a button.
Exampe: 3 Offers (each one Button that links to the Request Field on the buttom) - In the format the bottom of the page there is a dropdown in which Offer the customer is interested, Name, Email.
Is it possible to automatically select one of the 3 Offer-Possibilities after clicking one of the buttons above?
Thanks - Markus


Hi @Markus_Danninger,

It should be possible with JavaScript but the piece of code would be highly dependable on your exact form.



Hi @Hristian
Here is the page: https://****


These examples should point you in the right direction but you would have to tweak the code to work with your form:

  1. Example

  2. Example

  3. Example