Pre-populated Mailto: link



Anyone have some advice on how to achieve the following.

I’d like to create a ‘share via email’ button or text link that when clicked:

-open the user email client and pre populates the subject and body line.

Id like it formatted as below.

Subject line: Hey, thought you might like this.

Body Text:


I come across this site which I think you might love. It make choosing gifts super easy.

Check it out here: (this should be a hyperlink)

P.s If you know anyone who’d love this service please click here to spread the love :-)(this should be a hyperlink)

Any help who be appreciated.




Hi David - the mailto property is pretty limited in what it allows, so you wouldn’t be able to do things like create a hyperlink in the body of your email–it only lets you insert text.

There’s also an issue with what mail clients will accept. Some will still launch from a a mailto link that doesn’t have an email address specified and will pre-populate the subject/body with the email field blank, but other clients won’t launch if you haven’t pre-specified an email address.

One option would be to use a 3rd party service that does referral emails. Any of those should let you customize the subject line and body and add links, etc.

I actually haven’t used any myself, though there are a lot out there. Has anyone else in the community used a “mail to a friend” service that they can recommend?