Pre-populate name AND email fields


Hi there, what is the easiest way to pre-populate my landing page fields with user info (name and mail address). We are using vertical response for email campaign (and Salesforce for CRM). Thanks


I second this.

Can Unbounce sooner rather than later have a function where the fields pre-populate for the customer for higher conversions? It’s a pain filling in forms again and again.

Example of it is done by Leadpages here and select “Boost Your Opt-in Rates by Pre-populating Landing Page Fields”.

“By filling in your subscribers’ personal data in your opt-in box, the subscriber sees his first name and email address already filled in your opt-in box, so he simply has to click the ÒokayÓ button to opt-in. This makes it much easier for subscribers to opt-in to your list.”

This will boost opt-in rates for particular events or similar.

Any chance this feature is in the works?


Hi Carter,

Thanks for your response. I looked through the link and other various links from the responses, however what I was wanting to do is have the email and other various fields pre-populate from my Mailchimp account.

For eg. When I have a customer who has signed up already to a list in MailChimp, and the customer goes onto another landing page I’ve created OR via an email campaign they are sent to a particular landing page on Unbounce, could I somehow have Mailchimp speak with Unbounce to pre-populate the email, phone and other various fields to increase conversion rates?

For example. On Hubspot, everytime I go to their landing pages now, the whole form pre-populates and then they also ask another question to qualify me before downloading content (progressive profiling).

Hopefully that makes sense. But the main issue is pre-populating fields somehow as both Mailchimp and Unbounce are connected. Thanks.


Hi Luke - you can use merge tags in Mailchimp to dynamically add URL parameters to the outgoing links in your emails. Since those parameters values are filled in and present when the customer hits your page, the method that Carter linked to above will work.

So, in MailChimp you set something like:*|fname|*&email_address=*|email|*

And the link would render out the values for each email recipient, depending on the values you have stored in your MailChimp account.

There’s more on MailChimp merge tags here (including a link to the available tags):…

The only ones you’ll want a avoid using in email links are conditional tags.


Hi Quinn,

Thank you for your response. I just done a test and all works fine via a link through a MailChimp campaign, thanks for clarifying that.

I’m guessing the following can’t be done but could you please elaborate if it can please?

Like marketing automation systems such as Marketo and Hubspot, can we have forms pre-populate by picking up the IP address of the customer via MailChimp when connected through Unbounce?

I gather it can’t as there’s no tracking script used as with the automation platforms?

So the only way would be to attach the URL parameters as you’ve shown above via a MailChimp campaign? (as Mailchimp detects the merge tags and pre-populates the field for the customer?).

Just thought it would be a nifty feature instead of just being able to send a link with URL parameters for the pre-populating feature to work. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks.


Hey Luke - I’m pretty sure that HubSpot and Marketo use cookie tracking to auto-complete the forms (rather than URL parameters as MailChimp/Unbounce do.)

I totally get the use case and as awesome a feature as that would be, using merge fields/URL parameters as Quinn outlined is your best bet with MailChimp & Unbounce.


Hi Ryan,

Yeah I thought that was the case via the tracking script pasted on the website. What Quinn has show is enough for now though. Thanks for all your help Carter, Quinn and Ryan.


Would I still need to use URL Parameters if Im integrating Unbounce and Marketo? Meaning if I integrate the two, will Unbounce be able to call and retrieve data from Marketo to pre-fill name, email, etc.? If not what would be the best way to pre-fill prospect info into a form with a Unbounce/Marketo integration. 


Hi Quinn

As usual here’e me dropping in on the party way too late !

I’m trying to solve this for a client today - so I’m assuming in Mailchimp if there was a button that says ‘Click here to confirm your place’ …
the URL in that button would be*|fname|*&last_name=*|lname|=*&email_Address=*|email|* ??

So am I right in saying that the ‘first_name’ - must align with the way it is laid you in the Unbounce form ? so for example if the field is 1st Name - then it would be ‘1st_name’ - and is that case sensitive ?




I thought it might be interesting for anyone using Constant Contact to know that you can pass the email address from CC to unbounce by including a url parameter on a button or text link such as "http://YourUnbouncePageURL?email=Subscriber.Email".  In addition to Subscriber.Email CC supports other field names, too.  Don’t forget the surrounding signs

This will pre-populate your unbounce form field [email] with the email address from Constant Contact.   I found it easiest to just tweak the html underlying the CC email.




Would love to dive into this a bit more. I think this is a crafty workaround and could be beneficial for those using Constant Contact. I’ll reach out shortly. 


Hi Ryan. Quick one on this front. Very cool capability by the way! Seems that when we are passing both a Variable as well as an Anchor Hash within the URL, the Variable is picking up the Anchor Hash references and adding that into the pre-popluated field (rather than stripping out the Anchor references as would be expected). IE, in this example …

… “value#anchor” is incorrectly being passed into the “parameter” form field, rather than just “value”. Could you have a look and let us know if this is a system wide issue, or just something local to us?

Thanks as always!


Hey Luke and Nili,
This is already possible with Unbounce and is really easy to use. Check out the following support article and let me know if you have any issues getting it to work:…



Hi All -

Has anyone tried using this pre-populate feature / merge tags from MailChimp AND passed information to hidden form fields?

As we all know the less information we collect the higher the conversion rates are I already have first name, last name, title, company, address, city, state, zip, country, business phone and email. I just need to confirm that the target is up for the offer being presented. So, through this function, I would pass all this info to hidden form fields and then ask them for a direct dial number. Although that may look a little strange I would either personalize the landing page with their first name or simply pre-fill the first name last name within the form.

I think it may be possible as I’ve passed items for tracking source codes. This would be no different and could be the best thing since sliced bread.


Hi @ksanna,

You can absolutely do this.

The MailChimp functionality you are looking for is called Merge Tags. Here is also a handy cheat sheet with all of them.

I’m not sure if you need to pass all of the information you have. Might be just enough to pass First Name, Last Name and Email.

Take a look and let us know how it works out.



Thank you for the reply.

I am testing right now and will update you once I have seen the results.

I prefer to bring over all contact information. Why? When creating reports for our sales teams they want to see title, company etc. If it isn’t in the report the will ask for it and that means I need to do data appending. So, hidden fields is going to be an awesome addition to this.

I am looking forward to seeing if the 30% bump in conversions is true.

Work smarter not harder folks. We use the extra time in our day to take on more strategic efforts.