Pre-populate fields from campaign monitor



I would like to use data from campaign monitor to personalize my landingpage in Unbouce. For example, I would like to pre-populate the e-mailadress from the receiver to the form in Unbounce.

Is this possible through URL parameters?


Hi Maarten :slightly_smiling_face:

This is absolutely possible. You can pass any value you have recorded on your Campaign Monitor subscriber to a landing page. Use the unique field name in Campaign Monitor when doing this. For e-mail address the default field value in Campaign Monitor is “email”.

The first you need find you field id in Unbounce. In our example below it’s “your_email”

The field id in Campaign Monitor for email address is “email”

To pass this value you first add the field in Unbounce to populate, then add include the CM field id containing this value like so [value].

In this particular case you add this parameter ?your_email=[email]. The full URL could be something like this[email]

Hope this was helpful :blush: