Pre-load Image Rollover



I’m having an issue with the rollover image for the button hover state not preloading. When you hover over the button, it has to load, which causes the image to briefly disappear as the image loads.

I noticed a thread about this 6 months ago stating it was being worked on. Has this been resolved as I don’t think it is.


Hi Mike - Preloading images should be supported. I took a quick peek at your page and it looks like you removed the hover state image. I’m going to start a support ticket for you so we can take a closer look at what may be happening.


Thanks… I can put the hover state back if you like?


That would be great Mike! I went ahead started the support ticket for you. You should have received an email Shoot me a reply on that email once you placed the hover image back.


ok, I’ve put the rollover/hover image back. It’s still not loading when the page loads.


Thanks Mike - We are currently digging in. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. :slight_smile:

Be sure to check the email/support ticket I started for you for the updates!


Great. will do, thanks.


Hi Mike - Thanks for being patient while we tended to the pre-loading image issues. I’m happy to say the issue has now been resolved. Your buttons images should now preload, effectively eliminating the flash when you initially hover over.

If your existing pages are still encountering these issues, you can remedy the problem by simply un-publishing and republishing the page.



Thank you very much. Works great now!


I’m having this exact same issue. Is there an update to the javascript or how do I correct this issue?