Pre-Fill Form Select Fields with URL Parameters


The Pre-Filling a Form with URL Parameters feature works great for text fields. I’d like this feature expanded to select fields, such as dropdown fields.

It’s fairly simple to do with jQuery. I modified the form’s javascript to make it work. I haven’t tested it extensively since I don’t have direct access to the Unbounce code base, but it should work fine. Please have one of your developers look into it.

Check it out:…

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Hi Phillip,

Thanks for the suggestion, and for showing us how that might work with a script!

I’ll pass that along to our developers so they can take a look.

Happy holidays!


Has there been any progress on this?

I have a list of study courses in a drop-down and I’d like to pass course_code as a query string parameter then have the course name corresponding to the passed course code pre-selected in the Course Interested In drop-down.

if course_code == ABC123 {
course_interested_in = “The ABC 123 Course”

if course_code == ABC234 {
course_interested_in = “The ABC 234 Course”

Is there any way I can implement this using on-page JavaScript?

i.e. are there script hooks which allow me to specify for the course name which matches the course code?


Hi Phillip, 
Would love to feature this in our ‘Unbounce Tips & Scripts’ series. I’m going to reach out to you directly. 


Superb. Works perfectly. Many thanks.


hi Phillips, it says  getUrlParams is not defined(anonymous function) 


Elysium, I was already using the getUrlParams function on my page, so I didn’t include it (probably should have).

You can find it here:


This ended up being a little more complicated than I first thought. Setting the value using jQuery, not only requires a match to a predefined list of values, but the match is case sensitive.

Here is the javascript I ended up using to autofill a “campus” field. The first part is a function to convert strings to proper case. The second part, the jQuery function, sets the value.

String.prototype.toProperCase = function () {

return this.replace(/\w\S*/g, function(txt){return txt.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + txt.substr(1).toLowerCase();}); };

 jQuery(function() {

 var campus = getUrlParams()['campus'];

 campus = campus.toProperCase()


 jQuery("#campus").val(campus); });


Hi Mark - I am trying to do what Michael below is trying to do. Were your developers ever able to act on Phillips Pre-filling feature for drop downs?