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Hello, I am designing a campaign for a digital Work Personality Assessment we have been using for years. We will run a Facebook Ad campaign using Needls, a landing page campaign with Unbounce and a website/transaction process with Shopify. I am looking for a freelancer who can design the most effective landing page approach and design for sign up conversion. I believe this needs to be someone who completes the assessment to know first hand what it delivers (powerful insights) and then work with our content to maximum Click through. Look forward to hearing from anyone interested in this level of involvement. Have some basic info up on a couple of landing pages at this stage. Thanks.



Sounds like an exciting opportunity! Have you used Needls before? There will be some pretty highly qualified Unbouncers that will respond to this post who have a lot of experience in the platform and are especially good at coding. While I’m highly familiar with the Unbounce platform and my coding skills are more limited than some, I’ve literally driven millions of dollars in revenue in the B2C and B2B space via agency, corporate, and consultancy work. I have a keen understanding of the insights that drive conversions, audience profiling, branding, and optimization.  Not only do I specialize in PPC, Paid Social, Direct Response, Brand Response, and Brand; but I also have managed offline media (TV, Radio, Print) with a connected digital strategy. If you are looking to expand your efforts into something more sophisticated, I have direct experience in programmatic acquisition, data warehousing, audience syndication, and cross channel attribution. I would love to help with your project. I recently left the corporate world to start my own agency doing exactly what you need. I’m offering discounts to my new clients. I’m sure we could find a win-win.  I also have plenty of references.

If you’d like to connect, you can reach out via this Google form or PM.  I would just post my email address here, but I’m trying to keep my spam to a minimum haha.





Hi Grant,

I agree with Zane, sounds like an awesome opportunity for a designer to add another killer landing page to their portfolio! 

Silly question, would the Unbounce page need to be created in your account, or the designers?




Grant, I got both your messages from the Google form, but I haven’t seen any responses from the email. Just giving you a heads up since you asked. Thanks!


Mean of course, I haven’t seen any responses from the email I sent you the other day. I noticed you asked in the second form, if I had gotten your email. I haven’t.


Hi Grant,

Welcome to unbounce! You’ll find an incredible amount of resources in the community that will help your campaigns reach new heights!

I filled out the google form & look forward to talking shop.