Posting to URL and showing form confirmation at the same time?


Can you configure Unbounce to post data to a URL and show the form confirmation dialogue at the same time? Would like to use a form handler to connect my marketing automation tool and then show the dialogue box, but it seems like you have to choose one or the other.


Hi Amanda - if you use a webhook, you can set your form confirmation action to show the built in form confirmation dialog. On the page visitor’s side, they fill out your form and the confirmation displays as per normal, but Unbounce will post the form data in xml and json to your handler’s URL via the webhook.

We’ve got details on setting up a webhook (and also some samples showing how the data is formatted when it gets sent over) here.


What if my marketing automation platform (Pardot) doesn’t accept web hooks? They use form handlers.


Hi Amanda - sorry about that. I was under the impression that Pardot’s form handlers would except the data as we pass it via our webhooks, because of this article (which is actually about adding a Pardot form to an Unbounce page, but mentions, “You could use the Unbounce form and their webhooks to a Pardot form handler…” in step 3).

If Pardot actually requires a straight HTTP POST of the form data, there isn’t an alternative to the form confirmation option. We set the Post to URL option for your form confirmation to go straight to the URL, since the most common set-up for form handlers in other platforms is to accept the post data and then perform some sort of success action that they let you set to send the visitor to a separate thank-you page.

It would take some custom coding, but you could create and code your own custom handler to accept our webhook output and then fire that over via regular HTTP POST to Pardot.


Is it possible to show the confirmation message based up on webhook response. Like success or failure from response of thrid party API.