Posting to a webhock URL but nothing is being posted


I’m trying to post my form to a url using the webhock feature.
I believe I’ve set it up correctly in the landing page but when I submit the form it doesn’t looks like it sending the information to my url.

To test it, I added a script in the destination url that sends me an email once its being called, and while I submit the form I never receives the email (and so I assume the page never being called).
Any advise on how to debug it?
Thank you,


Hi, to help understand exactly what you’re trying to do, is there a reason you’re choosing to use a webhook to send an email lead notification rather than just using the built in Unbounce email notification feature?


Hey Nicholas,
Thanks for your reply.
The only reason I wrote to script is to debug the process.
We created a PHP page and we post the form to it so we can parse the xml and then repost the variables to a form that updates the CRM. However, when submitting a lead nothing happens and in order to see that unbounce calling the script I added the email script to see if we receive the call.
Any advise?


Hi Karen, 
Have you reached out to the Support team about this one yet? Sounds like something we might be able to look into for you. support (at)


Thanks Justin, I will.


Let us know how it goes. Thanks. I’m curious of the problem > solution here.


Make sure you have done the field mapping for the webhook. I’ve been tripped up on that a couple of times.


Hi Karen, 

I’ve written quite a few webhook integrations so if you are still running into problems, I would start with making sure the form data is being passed in the first place. 

Give a try. Use it as your webhook URL and see what comes out the other way. (There are number of other similar services that capture webhook data).

If the data does go through then the problem must be with your PHP script. 

A few things that I found the hard way:

  • The webhook data is URL encoded. (I banged my head against this one for a few hours because it’s so simple yet something I never really checked) 

  • As Jeremy pointed out make sure your mapping of the fields is correct. 



Thanks for providing this, Hristrian! That’s a great resource. I’m glad you were able to find the solution – Hopefully the head banging caused minimal damage. :slight_smile: