Posting data to Leadspedia using Webhooks

I haven’t (yet) been successful in getting any information posted to our lead management system, Leadspedia.

I am using the " Server Post with Campaign ID and Campaign Key" setup.

When attempting to post from my Unbounce form, I get the following error message:
{“result”:“failed”,“price”:“0.00”,“msg”:“Invalid Request”,“errors”:[{“error”:“Invalid Request”}]}

I feel like I am very close - have all the fields set up and spelled correctly, etc.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @jimatleadify,

It’s my first time coming across Leadspedia and based on their limited documentation about webhooks, it seems they support only outgoing webhooks. (In case you want to send leads to a 3rd party).

I came across this in their documentation that might help you get your leads from an Unbounce form into Leadspedia.


Leadspedia is a bit of a problematic platform when it comes to posting data. The posting success depend on all the fields/rules you have set in your campaign.
It took me a couple of days to succeed after plenty of trial and error.
If I were you, i would use an intermediary platform to capture the leads and then send them to leadspedia. You will have much more flexibility to troubleshoot.
Have you tried integromat?