Postcode search functionality


Just wondering if any can help

I require someone to (or explain how to) create postcode search and popup functionlity exactly like the one found under the ‘zipjet is available in London’ heading located for my unbounce page (including mobile)

If the user enters a postcode that matches where we service then they are taken to a sign up screen.

If they enter a postcode that doesn’t match the see a popup which asks for there email 

any help would be greatly appriciated.


Hi David,

Firstly your going to need some kind of external provider, either to purchase a database of postcodes for the UK or to access their database via their API. I did a bit of research into this before and one of the providers that I liked was - they cost 2p per lookup but the fact the host their own database means you don’t have to worry about updating one that you host yourself. They also give access to their API using a variety of methods. Most importantly they use JQuery which you can embed in your unbounce forms, they give simple step by step instructions on how to get up and running and configure the service into existing forms which again is ideal.

I hope that helps, it’s something that I am working on for another client at the moment as well so any problems just give me a shout but that’s definitely the direction I would take.




thanks stuart.

Ill take a look into into it.

if I needed someone to implement this how many hours should it take? Also is this something you’d be interested on doing?


Hi David,

It’s definitely the kind of work that we do and the short answer is yes we would be interested in doing this for you should you need us to help. 

As for how long it will take will depend on your landing page and how many pages you want it integrated into. If you decide to go down that route let me know and we can work out the details.