Post form submission questionnaire?


I would like to have a question show in the pop-up after a person submits their information into a form. So, basically, this would be the confirmation dialogue pop-up. I have a client on Lead Pages and they collect great info on people who download a whitepaper by asking for very basic contact info on the landing page (email address only) to reduce friction and then on the post-submission pop-up they ask a simple question about the person’s job role. This method does amazingly well at collecting additional intel about who is downloading content.

I have asked live support about this in the past and was told to add a feature request to see if this is something you could do. For direct response/lead-gen this is worth my time to switch to another provider if it’s not possible with Unbounce.

Thank you for your time!


Hey! Welcome to the community!

You’re looking to simply have someone fill out another form in the confirmation dialogue, right? You can totally do this by creating a lightbox/page with a form, then setting your form confirmation to “open URL in lightbox”.

Let me know if you need a hand setting it up!