Post a new Variant?


I duplicated a variant and want to now publish the edits I made . . . How do I publish variant 2?

I then saved Variant 2, gave it 100% weight, and hit the “publish” button, . . .

but, when I type in the url, I’m still taken to Variant 1. Thoughts?


Hi Michael, if you send in a request to support, with a link to your page, we can help you out.

That said, did you discard Variant 1 before you tried to give Variant 2 100% weight?


Hey Carl,

Thanks for getting back to me. I did not delete Variant 1; I’d really like to “pause” it as opposed to throwing it away.

I was able to give Variant 2 99% weight, though.

My preference would be to keep Variant 1, but “run” Variant 2.

Do you guys have a tutorial or video on editing and publishing several variants?

I must confess that I didn’t really look, but, if you don’t, from my perspective, this would be useful info.

I’ll shoot a message to support, though.




Ah, figured that was it. We cookie you and always show the same variant to the same visitor. Otherwise, you couldn’t really run a valid test. What sort of test are you running where you’d still want to keep variant 1 at 1%?

Our getting started video does walk through the basic steps of setting up a test about halfway through……


That makes sense . . .

To clarify; I’m not running a 99% v. 1% test, I just want one variant (variant 2, which is currently set to show 99% of the time) as the base variant that I’ll then run my tests off of.

So, basically, at this point, I want variant 2 to show all the time and variant 1 not to show at all (but I’d prefer not to throw it away).

So, that’s what I’d like to do. Do you have any thoughts on how I might go about doing that?



So, in that case, you’d just promote your variant 2 to champion. Discarded variants can always be re-introduced as a challenger later if you’d like…


Ha, well, that was easy. Thanks!


I have the same problem. I can’t find a promote option nor can I change the weight. I just want to use this variant as my only one.



Hi Alan, we have an outstanding usability issue that we’re hoping to fix soon - You have to make sure your variant has some weight and is published before you can promote it to be the champion.


I’ve tried that. It won’t let me assign weight to it because the first variant is 100% and I can’t edit it.


Can you send an email to and we’ll take a look the page you’re working with? Sorry for the frustration here Alan…