Possible to add a class to popup wrappers?

I’m trying to come up with a solution that lets me test out various popup formats concurrently.

If it was just the design of the popup itself, this wouldn’t be an issue - but I’m looking to test:

  1. Having the popup appear bottom right, almost like a chatbot type prompt
  2. Treating the popup with the default behaviour/positioning (so larger, central and blocking content)
  3. Styling it up maybe more as a full screen effect.

Styling and positioning isn’t so much of an issue, as I can alter these by overriding the CSS in my page. However as the classes I’m overriding are outside the Unbounce popup iframe, I can’t add custom class names, they exist outside the editor - this means that all versions of a popup I run would inherit those CSS properties.

The only way I can test different popup positions/looks in this case seems to be to run them at different times, so I’m not able to treat it as a split test.

For reference it’s classes like:

.ub-emb-overlay .ub-emb-backdrop

If we were able to add a custom class name to each popup that would be added to those elements I’d be able to try out several variants with different positions and overlay experience.

Anyone have any suggestions?