Popup Tracking Losing Session Data In Google Analytics

Hi all,

A problem/request for help with the popup feature on Unbounce.

We’ve set up a test on our cart page, trying to trigger a popup when it looks like someone is abandoning the cart. I’ve followed the Google Analytics tracking guide to the letter, but notice that when someone engages with an overlay, all session data for that user is lost.

Google Analytics sees the click as coming from a new session, and there is no subsequent session data that I can attach to the overlay view/click, as once they’re redirected to Google Analytics the session resets again. The sessions that GA shows as having either viewed or clicked an overlay are empty sessions, with no pageview information attached to them. This makes tracking the effectiveness of a popup like this near useless.

Has anyone else had issues with this in the past, and found a way to solve this problem?



Hey @CavFinance,

Popups are loaded in an iFrame so most probably that’s the reason your popup is dropping the session and essentially creating a new one.

Did you add your popup domain to the referral exclusion list and enabled cross-domain tracking?

It’s kind of hard to troubleshoot this without seeing the page and having access to your GA account but the two things above is where I would start.

Install GA’s chrome debugger and keep an eye on the session and IDs it creates.