Popup or Sticky appearance based on URL parameters


Let’s say I have an ad stating $50 off the price of a paperclip. The potential customer realizes how great of a deal it is and clicks the ad but due to all the different models, colors, variations and sizes of paperclips we sell we have to direct them to “the paperclip page.”

Let’s say this paperclip page also gets lots of organic traffic that does not see and is not going to be offered this $50 coupon.

Due to the complexity of the paperclip we can only use this specific URL for both paid and organic visitors and we only want to offer $50 off to the paid visitors.

Is there a way to use an Unbounce popup or sticky bar to display only to the paid visitors who saw the $50 discount in the ad?

If so could we do this with URL parameters fed from the ad?

There is no unbounce landing page between the ad and the paperclip page in this design and adding one is not feasible for this particular paperclip project.

So how do we only show the popup/sticky to the paid traffic?



Hey @JJJ,

That’s one expensive paperclip :wink:

Did you look into using Referrer Targeting for your popups. I think that should do the trick.



@Hristian, that should do the trick. Thank you sir.