Popup Message for Form Submit Button (and post form data to URL)


My page’s default post-form confirmation is to post form data to a URL as part of a third-party integration (specifically, using Pardot’s form handler functionality).

What I’d like to do is display a brief pop-up message/alert upon submitting the form to the user that can be dismissed while retaining the post form data to the Pardot URL.

Thanks in advance for any guidance that can be provided.


Hi @BenB,

One way to do it is by using webhooks. Webhooks work independently of any on page action(s) once the form has been submitted.

The basic logic of it would be that once the form is submitted 2 things are going to happen at the same time:

  1. The form’s data would be sent to your webhook
  2. You can have a popup or a redirect on your landing page

1 & 2 can work together simultaneously and won’t affect each another.