Popup Javascript- Host Page Variables

Hi All, I’m wondering if anyone has been able to pass javascript variables from the host page to the popup embed page to be included in form submission?

Hi @Tyler_Igou,

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by “pass javascript variables”?

Also, when you say popup embed are you referring to Unbounce’s popups or something else?

Finally, to somewhat answer you question… yes, you can pass information but the solution is pretty customizable.
You’ll need to pass information from the page to an iframe which requires a fair amount of JS knowledge to do it successfully.


Is there a sample of this sort of pass-thru. I could take any given example and build it out to what we need.

But can you show even the simplest example of a javascript variable in a page to pass thru a iframe into a popup? or point to a reference of someone doing it?


if you are using Unbounce lightbox and form, the a beautiful solution was posted by Noah a couple years ago in the Tips and Scripts section. See here:

Did u try this? I have used this myself a number of times and always works like a charm :wink: