Popup form is not working



I have created a popup form under “Popups & Sticky Bars” and trigger “when a visitor clicks an element with ID”


I have also pasted the embed code to the Javascripts, but nothing happen when I click the button, why? Did I miss any steps?

And if I want to make the form popup with multiple buttons, how to do it?



Hi @Jessica_Chen!

Can you send me a link to your page and I will take a look?

If you don’t already have the form on your page, you could link all of the buttons to a lightbox with the form in there!



Hi @Caroline,

Thanks for your reply.

I have a form on the page already, is it the reason why the popup form doesn’t work?

The page is https://drafting-services.auburndrafting.com.au/

I created a new page for the popup form and link it to the buttons with " Go to URL in lightbox" instead of the popup at the moment. But I still would like to know the reason why the popup form doesn’t work, so please help me to have a look.



Hey @Jessica_Chen

It works for me! You may need to clear your browser history/cache. I’ve had issues in the past with pop-ups and sticky bars not appearing because of my browser cache.