Popup embed code conflicting with other popup on page



On some of my landing pages, I have a text link that uses custom javascript to initiate a fancybox, which serves as an overlay to display our privacy policy. The goal is to allow visitors to easily read this info without navigating to a new page.

However, I have found that when implementing Unbounce’s native popup feature, the embed code conflicts with this fancybox, effectively disabling the functionality.

Can anyone suggest a workaround for this? Alternatively, I am open to other suggestions for how to display our privacy policy in a manner that still achieves my goal of not sending visitors to a different page.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Andy2,

Maybe I’m missing something here but why are you using 2 different types of popups.

Any particular reason not to use the native lightboxes to display your privacy policy?



Hi @Hristian, I’d like for the popup with privacy policy to be triggered from a link in text. As far as I have been able to tell, that is not possible to achieve with Unbounce’s native functionality. Am I missing something?


You can just put a transparent/empty button over the desired text.

It’s a quick hack but should get you the same end result.
Just make sure you place the transparent button over the text on the mobile version as well.



Thanks @Hristian, that does work.

That said, possible to put on the roadmap to build in that functionality natively?


Hi @Andy2,

I don’t work for Unbounce so I can’t comment on the possibility of new features.

Feel free to post a feature request here in the community since that’s one of the factors the Unbounce team uses to determine future enhancements to the builder.



@Hristian Whoops, sorry for misunderstanding! Thanks again.