Plus signs appearing, Modified Broad Match Keywords - Dynamic insertion


How do I prevent “plus signs” for modified broad match keywords appearing in landing page text when used as “dynamic insertion”??


Hi Aaron - any plus signs should be replaced by a space automatically. I’ve opened up a Support ticket, so we can dig into why thats not working for you. Look out for my email shortly!


I’ll also add, for any newcomers to PPC, you’ll want to use modified broad match and broad match keywords with caution.

Your customers are searching for specific content that answers their questions and problems. The broader your keywords, the less relevant your dynamic landing page will be. And content that isn’t relevant means you’re paying Google for clicks that won’t convert.

For Unbounce’rs new to Dynamic Keywords and Dynamic Text Replacement we recommend keeping your ad groups small and thematically organized. Use exact and phrase match keywords that ensure a relevant experience from ad to landing page.


Coming back on this thread :

the format is

[landing page URL]?[parameter]=[value]

However, what if my keyword is more than one word long , lets say +family +resort +california, how do we insert this in the url so that it appears dynamically on the landing page.


Hi Amit - you can leave the + signs in and Unbounce will automatically replace them with a blank space.