Pls Help: How can we auto fill up the form using append form data URL


Good Day,

We tried to use the post data to a URL using our main site login form.

The data from unbounce form doesn’t autofill the parameter we set for email and password to make it auto login on our site login form.

Please help.

Is there any additional script to do that?

We’re planning to make the unbounce form to autofill our website login form.


Hey @Mlnfx,

It’s not really clear from your post what exactly you are trying to achieve and what part of it’s not working.

Just a few notes based on what I can gather from your question:

  • You should NOT use Unbounce forms to collect sensitive information like passwords!

  • If you want the information you’ve collected in an Unbounce form sent somewhere else - the “post data to a URL” feature is the correct way to do it. (Again any information other than a password). However, the page where you are posting the data to must also be correctly setup to accept it. My guess is that’s where your issue must be.