Please Roast My Roofing Landing Page (Unbounce Multi-Step Form)

I’m ready to go live for a new client in the next couple of days I’d just like to get some final advice/criticism from as many people as possible.

What do you guys think - If you see anything that sucks or you think needs changing then please feel free to let me know. I’m keen to get this one working correctly as roofing clients can be hard work due to the high CPC.


  1. Perhaps you want to mention that the free quote is non-obligatory so that users will be more encourage to enquiry about your service.

  2. Need to watch the alignment. For eg: the form is longer than the hero banner on desktop view. Can increase the line spacing for the copy underneath the hero banner so that it is easier to read.

  3. Add in ‘to’ for the sub-header at the second section. It should be ‘If Your Roof has been damaged by hail in the past 2 years, we may be able to replace it for free!’

  4. The part on the comparison between your service and insurance premium is confusing. As an user, I am not sure if you are telling me that you will replace my roof for free because of weather-related damage if I use your service or I do not need insurance for my roof anymore because you guys acknowledge weather-related damages.

  5. Under the roof repair section, it should be ‘no job too small’ not ‘no job to small’

  6. Testimonial part is a bit weird because it says ‘some of our happy customers’ but there is only 1 testimony.

I would agree with @Abigail_Tan and add the following:

  1. I am not a big fan of light copy over large image backgrounds in the hero. I find it a bit difficult to read and very busy with that specific image in the background.
  2. The background image - I would choose something that speaks more to roofing. This is just an image of a house. Maybe a photo of your team on the roof working, or a happy family in front of their house. Something that resonates with “a job well done”
  3. The panels are a bit tight. Very close together. There needs to be more breathing room to help the visitor read through the story. I would consider thinking more about font types, sizes, line heights, etc.
  4. The page is short. Not a lot of info to go on. It would be nice to see more portfolio pieces, more testimonials, ratings, etc.

There are some nice examples here to inspire you as well

Let me know if you have Qs. Hope that helps.

Hi Cameron.

The roof type on the form seems to be incomplete. It’s showing as 1, 2, other.

Be sure to proofread. I found a few typos, such as a lowercase b in bros and St. Louis is missing an apostrophe s in that same sentence. Some of your capitalization is a bit inconsistent as well.

I think the biggest area you can work on to improve the page is the messaging, though.

Calling out that it is the top rated company is a good thought, but you need to connect it to the prospect. Why should they care? Also, if you are going to lead with being top rated, I would put the ratings right after the headline to pay that off. To make it even more credible, I would include the source of those ratings.

I’m not averse to lengthy copy or pages, but in this case I think less could be more. There’s a lot going on here and some of the messaging adds more complexity. The hail damage section, for example, feels like a bit of a tangent that has its own process not related to the quote you’re offering. That might be better as it’s own dedicated page.

Videos can be effective, but I’m not sure how much this one adds to the value. Everything not related to this page’s offer covered in the video is a distraction from the offer. And the person in the video isn’t all that engaging. It’s clear he is reading lines off some sort of teleprompter or cue cards. This page may work better without the video.

Carefully consider every line of copy and consider its purpose. Everything you include should move users to filling out the form, either by ramping up desire for the offer, reducing friction or adding urgency.

For the copy throughout the page, try to put things in specific terms that people can picture in their minds. Things like “highest quality,” “minimal disturbance,” and “many years of experience” are too vague to have any real impact. Put it in terms that paint a picture for the reader.

Hope that helps you. Best of luck.

With this length of page, I would add one or two call-to-action buttons through the page that jump the user to the final form.

I really agree with everything @digibomb mentioned.

There just seems to be a lot of copy, which blurs the messaging of the page.

Also, I’m having a hard time understanding the goal of this landing page. Is it to get users to fill the form (I’m assuming) or is to for them to call you (via the CTA in your header)?

I’d also tone down the green, and use that more for your MAIN CTA. With all the green everywhere, it just seems like there’s not CTA you want me to focus on.

Also on the form, my phone number doesn’t work. I used 2131231234, but it says ‘please enter a valid phone number’.

I’d also increase the line-height for your ‘Gallagher Bros Construction’ section.

In the header, i’d make the line break a little sooner, so that ‘company’ isn’t orphaned alone by himself in that line break.

If Your Roof has been damaged by hail in the past 2 years we may be able replace it for free! - I’d figure out a way to condense this statement, because it does look like a good value proposition.

The progress bar in the form also does look like a loading bar more than a progress bar. It’s probably due to the animation in the bar itself.

Hope this helps!