Please help! Landing page not converting well :(


I am currently running an Adwords campaign for a medical aesthetician. I have broken down my parent page into adgroup specific pages.

For some reason, one of the LP’s is not converting as well. Overall, the campaign conversion rate is relatively low! Please help!

Here is the adgroup specific page for Lip Enhancement - [this LP is converting the best out of all at the moment at a conversion rate of 5.41%]

Here is the adgroup specific page for Nose - [this page has had zero conversions despite having the same number of visitors as the Lips page]

It won’t let me share more than two links. However, the parent page is just the above links without the nose and lips in it.

What can I do?

Thank you so much!!


Hey @sgupta18,

First off, good job on creating ad group-specific LPs! This will go a long way both with your Quality Score and behaviourally, of course.

I’ve ran a great number of campaigns in the medico-aesthetic field and I think I’ll be able to give you some data-based feedback here.

One thing to keep in mind: your Lip Enhancement page might be doing MUCH better than your Nose page, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be doing even better. This is why AB testing is Unbounce’s holy grail of features. This being said, you should apply the feedback from this community (myself and others) to both pages as a variant.

Secondly, how much traffic have you generated for these conversion rates. Is it dozens, hundreds, thousands?

Overall I think you’re on the right track!

Onto some feedback…

  1. You start off both pages with a statement “Confidence. Vitality. Well-Being”. If these are important values, then you should definitely mention them, but I would do so somewhere else in the page. The “hero” should be reserved for a concise, clear and strong statement. It needs to answer the question: “What does this page offer?”. In your case the words “Lip Enhancement” and “Non-Surgical Nose Job” absolutely need to be there. At the moment, when I land on your LPs, I would need to scroll in order to know what the page talks about.

  2. I love that you have before and afters, can’t stress enough how important these are. However, you’re giving the opportunity for the visitor to click out of your page to go on Instagram. One of the carnal rules is to avoid any form of leakage from your LP. I completely get your goal: more before and afters. Have you considered using a slider to include more before and afters without taking up to much vertical space? This would be a great alternative! I personally think more before and afters on the page would be a great addition. Just make sure to include them intelligently.

  3. You’re using light boxes for your other services… amazing! Good idea.

  4. I noticed no testimonials. A couple of powerful testimonials can go a long way. These can be under the form of text, video, even screenshots for real proof!

  5. Your free consultation offer is great. I know for a fact that not all surgeons are willing to offer this. I think it might be worth to mention it one other time in the page. Better yet, Unbounce’s Convertables would be the perfect opportunity to stress that fact. Commonly known as an targeted overlay, you could trigger it when a visitor tries to exit the page.

  6. Have you ever tried AB testing the Hero Image? That alone can potentially yield great lifts in conversions. In choosing the “perfect image” you have to ask yourself “who is landing on this page” and “what service are they looking for”? If we’re dealing with women, aged 30-40, looking for a non-surgical nose job, we should pick an image that speaks to their emotional state in that moment. In some cases, the wrong hero image can actually hurt your conversions.

  7. Let’s not forget about mobile! You’ve done a good job adjusting for mobile, however I feel that the more copy-focused sections (2 paragraphs) may be too small on mobile for legibility.

Sorry for the length of my response hehe!

Hope it helps, please keep me updated on the progress.



Awesome feedback from @Jonathan! I fully agree with all of the points.

One more thing I’d add is that you might want to test a lightbox form.

The way you currently have the pages built out, the form is staring the visitor in the face right from the start. This can be overwhelming for some folks. It makes the page look more like it’s asking for something than giving something.

So instead, you can try putting the form in an Unbounce lightbox, and then just placing the lightbox button on the page (in multiple spots), so that visitors won’t see the actual form fields until they click.

In some cases, this has been shown to increase conversion rates, because it breaks the opt-in process into a more manageable flow for visitors.


@Nicholas Very good point! 100% agree.


@Jonathan and @Nicholas Thank you so much! This is amazing feedback. I am going to implement these changes at the end of this month!

I really appreciate the lengthy post. So much to learn!


Hi SGupta,

Give the page a Meta Title, it looks a bit amateurish when the tab title is just the URL.

Also whilst you’re at it, add a Favicon.

You have two different CTA’s (both the same colour), best to just have one (form completion).

Try making the buttons a bit bigger.

To me, it looks like you’ve used the default fonts and everything is also a bit too big. I have a massive monitor and on my screen your sign up form still extends below the fold.

Make every prettier, better fonts, smaller texts.

At the moment it feels like a leaflet made in Microsoft Publisher you’ve turned into a web page.

Consider making it full width, keep playing with the design till it ‘looks right’.