Please don't forget about productivity


There is a lot of talk about features and we also ourselves have wishes on the list.
But, being an agency with a lot of active pages and changes going on, we also suffer from lack of productivity in the user interface of Unbounce.
If you could at least focus on response time in these crucial pages and pageshifts it would be a lot easier to be an Unbounce customer:

  • Loadtime of pagelist, pageoverview and page edit
  • Time to republish a page
  • Quicklinks from page edit to pagelist or even better a pagegroup
  • Follow external link directly from pagelist
    These scenarios and probably a few more are the key ones used everyday. They are huge time consumers, so if you could please take a look at the productivity on theese rather than new features it would be excellent.
    Best regards


Hi Carter,
Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I like what you’re saying and doing. The prototype is absolutely along the lines of what is needed for quicker navigation.
Yes, I will be happy if I can be of any help to your UX team. Please mail me your preferred timeslots for a call, so I can be at the phone. I’m located in the Copenhagen timezone.
Best regards


Hey Lars, 
I’m going to send you an email to figure out a time that we can sit down and chat!



Would love to sort these pages by visitors, conversion rate, clicks. The current ui/ux is painfully slow and frustrating when you have to click around so much to get stuff done. 


Hey Lars!
Thanks so much for the feedback, I couldn’t agree more with you. User Experience improvements like the ones you mentioned are very important, but much harder to identify as a community than feature requests that solve specific problems. Our UX team thinks about this stuff daily though. 

We do have some plans to tackle most of what you’re mentioned already. The first of which is enabling you to re-publish your page without leaving the Page Builder which will make that process much faster. That improvement will go out this month. Load time of the pages list and page overview are another big one that are on the list. We actually have a prototype of a shift in UI we’re hoping to take to make the whole browsing experience of the app be a lot faster and more intuitive. If you’re curious, I’ve put together a quick screencast of an early prototype (and I really do mean prototype Ñ you’ll notice a lot of things out of place here…)

Would you be open to hopping on a short call with some of our UX team to learn more about your workflow and other opportunities to improve it?