PieSync’s 2-way sync now supports Unbounce too


We’re thrilled to be posting some news here!

About PieSync’s 2-way sync
PieSync provides a bridge between apps to sync contacts or leads between cloud-based apps, solving isolated data problems. The platform supports 150 apps with new apps added weekly… and it now includes Unbounce.

Over 50 CRM’s are supported to the likes of MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, … But also various marketing platforms and e-mail clients.

At PieSync we want to provide a no code solution with easy to use filters to customize your synchronization to your liking. The platform is purpose built for 2-way syncing, so you truly have identical data in your CRM, your e-mail marketing app, and so on.

How it works

Our new integration with Unbounce is a one-way sync to sync your leads into your software stack. Send Unbounce leads directly into your CRM, which in turn syncs 2-way with your e-mail marketing app for personalized outreach.

PieSync does not create new leads if they already exist in your database, but rather performs a smart merge of contacts, enriching data where needed. In that sense, we do what Zapier does not do

Start syncing in less than 5 minutes

  1. Load up a PieSync account with Unbounce
  2. Select another app to sync with
  3. Customize your sync by applying rules & field mappings.


We love to reply to your questions (@PieSyncFrans) or take in your feedback!


Hey Frans, this looks awesome!! I can already think of a few things that my team can at Unbounce can use PieSync for. @Luis_Francisco, you should take a look at this.

I’d also like to hear what some of the @Unbounce-Experts thoughts are around this. I know they’re big fans of automation. :robot:



Ok I’ve been a big fan of Zapier for over 6 years now – how did I not ever hear about PieSync?! The data capabilities are SO much better! Definitely looking into swapping over…


:smiley: We can actually be used in tandem.

  • Zapier allows my software to do backflips. Prep/reformat data. Trigger one-off changes in another app.
  • PieSync is the app to keep a similar dataset of two different apps in sync with conflict resolution & field merging.