PHP includes? Is it possible with unbounce landing pages?


Can you add custom php to a custom HTML object as in:

This simply give me a way to include a part of the page that gets updated often (once a day usually) I want to have it remain centralized, so I don’t have to go around modifying every landing page we have that are displaying rates.

Any ideas?


had to take out the open and closed php markup…

php include(‘…’);


PHP is a scripting language that is processed server side rather than in a browser so it cannot be embed in a landing page. However, you should be able to use the Custom HTML page component to embed an iframe who’s source is the URL you mention above. For example:

 <iframe src="" style="border:none; width:600px; height:180px"></iframe>   


That is brilliant. Hadn’t thought of that approach, that’ll work fine. thanks!


It is not exactly a php include. You can’t share server data or native behaviour between two different servers. You would need to pass to the other server as a POST or GET variable.