Phone number validation unticked by default


Understandably this feature is very useful for American users, but as a web based company that potentially has users all over the world, there should be the option of this not being default.

As I am a UK user, I have to remember to uncheck this box every time I build a landing page.

Can we either have the option unchecked by default or an area in the settings menu to set what should be default and what shouldn’t.



Hi Oliver,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We will consider ways to improve this. Having it unchecked by default might cause the opposite problem for our North American users so I am not sure that is the answer but we do, as you pointed out, have a considerable number of customers outside North America and we would like this to continue to be the case!

We do eventually plan on having user preference settings for the editor so this could be an option there.




Hey Oliver,
While we haven’t changed the default value for the phone number validation, we have added support for UK validations. You can see my detail response over here…