Phone lead generation


How do design a landing page to persuade user to make a phone call? Any sample landing pages?



Hey Sal!

It really depends on a whole bunch of different factors. Can you tell us a little more about what you’re working on?

The first step is figuring out who exactly you are building the page for (who is in the target audience) and what is the compelling offer that is going to get them to pick up the phone and take action (what’s the call-to-action).



Thanks for response. I used some generic ideas behind designing my page but your question make me think. Target audience is people interested in buying business class and first class airline ticket. Compelling offer is that we provide 20-70% discount on retail published fares. we can beat any price they have. We can offer lower price than any website or offer they have.



Nice! So with this info, I am wondering, would it be better to maybe test an offer on your landing page, instead of just trying to get people to call?

Can you create some sort of free resource such as a travel guide that people would want to download? That might be an easier way to generate some leads with your landing page, since people (typically) are more likely to download something for free (as long as they’re getting value) than pick up the phone and call.

Maybe try a “10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Flight” or “The Ultimate Travel Hacks Guide.”

Then, once you get them into your funnel, you can follow up with them via email to convert your leads into sales.

As for getting people to call though, you probably want to create a time-bound offer to create a sense of urgency. Maybe try to work that into your landing page as well or split test the page with the downloadable resource against the page with the time-bound call-to-action to pick up the phone and call.


Have you considered running ‘call-only’ ads in addition to your landing page:


yes, we are using this feature


thanks for input. We are implementing some of these ideas on new landing page.


Hello Sal! 

If your goal is to get more customers to call in, you need to place and word your CTAs (Call to action’s) suitable on the page to convert your customers. 

  1. Use questions when addressing the customer, such as “Are you ready to save 60%?” - “Call us now to claim yours”
  2. Give the customer a reason to call in. Maybe offer exclusive discounts when the customer enquires over the phone? 
  3. Place your CTAs in suitable places, such as under your main hook, capture form or footer. 
  4. The word “You” is the most powerful word when selling. Address the customer. 
  5. Focus on the design of your page. You need to build trust with your customer, and by having a beautiful, easy to use and selling landing page, will convince them to call in! 

A bonus few tips taken from Google’s Mobile Friendly Test that is good practice for all mobile optimised pages:

1. Appropriate sized CTA (Call to action) / CTC (Click to call) buttons and tap targets.
When you insert buttons, tap targets or links on your page, make sure they are large enough so the user can easily click, without hitting alternative actions. Use compelling language, clear and suitable sized type to convince the user to action the button, lots of clear space around the target and eye-catching colours! 

2. Make sure your mobile site is mobile optimised. 
Make sure your page load time is speedy and ensure your images and compressed. Check out optimizilla for compressing images for web. 

I hope the above helps :slight_smile:

If I can think of anything else I’ll be sure to drop it in here.

Best of luck! 


Do you have a winning landing page for click to call, form-fill, or some other conversion? I would start with your winner and test into a call only scenario.  Maybe apply some of the advice above. I wouldn’t do exclusive call-only on your landing pages, because there is some traffic that will convert as a lead, but not as a call at the moment. Make the call CTA more prominent, as smartly suggested above.