Phone Call Conversion Tracking By Variant With CallRail & Unbounce?


Hi Unbouncers,

I have chatted with both CallRail and Unbounce about being able to determine which variant generated a phone call.  It is awesome to be able to see which variants generate form fills, but the reality is many campaigns are call focused with no forms. 

Noah Matsell from Unbounce provided a good start point (thanks!):

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out! I’d be happy to lend a hand.

In all Unbounce landing pages, the variant letter is stored as the variable ‘’. Therefore you should be able to pass this value from your landing page to Call Rail using a little bit of javascript. I’m not familiar with how the Call Rail script works currently, but I would be happy to lend a hand setting this up if you can provide a little bit more info for me.

I hope this helps, Joe! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Noah | Unbounce Customer SuccessI took this to CallRail and was informed that the best I could do is hard code a phone number on each landing page or add the specific variant to the landing page URL…

Any ideas on a good workaround for this where dynamic numbers can still be utilized for keyword-level tracking and yet, identify the variant that generated the call inside of CallRail?

In the future a direct integration will be great to help Unbouncers pull the data back from CallRail and be able to judge their variants on more than just form conversions.

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Hi Joe, I’m checking with our engineering team here at CallRail to see if there’s a work-around that you can use until we have a direct integration.  In the absence of a work-around, I’ll make sure to update this thread when the integration is live!


Hi Mark,

Thank you for championing this one :slight_smile: looking forward to hearing what your engineering team comes up with!




Any news on this?



Excited to announce that the CallRail Unbounce integration is finally released. We released it yesterday at Unbounce’s CTA Conference in Vancouver. You can see how to set it up with the integration support article.


This is awesome! Looking forward to checking it out. It was great chatting with your team at the CTA Conf.