Personalize the dialog confirmation with the firstname?


Hi there,

I would like to “congrats” my new subscribers by displaying a message using the first and lastname captured in the form.

Eg. In the Dialog confirmation page :

Congratulations %FIRSTNAME% %LASTNAME% !
Your email adress is %EMAIL%

Is it possible? Any idea to make this?
Thanks for your help !


Hi Pierre! This is certainly possible and we currently have another thread explaining how to do this. Please visit:

Thanks for reaching out and if you have any further questions, please feel free to post them here or on the other thread. Cheers!


Hi Pierre,
When a user submits a form, we open the Form Confirmation Dialog window in an iframe on the page, and pass it all submitted form fields as URL parameters. You should be able to follow the suggestions for dynamic text replacement in this post:

and apply it to the form confirmation page (instead of your main page.)
Hope that helps!