Percentage of conversion for landing page


Hello to everyone, I would like to know if there is a good percentage of conversion of landing page? For example is good 4%? Thank you.


Hello Lorenzo!

Hristian’s guidance is spot on.  I might add that user testing will give you insights into where there is room for improvement.  Additionally, you can begin to segment your landing pages to make it more targeted.  Conversion rate optimization never ends :slight_smile:




Hey Lorenzo, 

Short answer: No. There is no “good percentage” for a conversion rate.

Long answer: The conversion rate for a page can vary from 0% all the way to 80%+.

Example: Offering free tickets to tonight’s hottest show in town would probably convert off the charts. 
At the same time, if your landing page is looking for very specific leads ready to invest $1million in the next big “something”, you are most probably looking into 0.01% conversion rate. 

The higher the conversion rate, the better job you are doing at: identifying/reaching your targeted segment, crafting a compelling copy for the page and designing it so it’s a conversion machine. 

_ What’s a good conversion rate: _ The one that has a positive ROI(return on investment) for you. 

When you take into account all your fixed & variable costs (design, development, copywriting, paid traffic, SEO optimization, platform cost, etc.) you’ll know at what percentage your landing page(s) are actually making you money and pushing your business forward. 

Plus, the great thing about Unbounce is that you can easily setup split tests and keep on improving your page/conversion rate. 

My questions back to you:

  1. Are you happy at 4% conversion rate?
  2. Are you actively trying to improve it?

P.S. A few general tips:

  • Paid traffic usually converts better than organic
  • Prior relationship with your target helps (email list, popular blog/site, well know name, etc.)
  • If you have the traffic, make sure you are always testing and improving.