PDF Downloads in Unbounce


How do I capture how many people are downloading my patient education guide in unbounce? The only leads I’m able to capture is how many filled out a form. Would like data on how many downloads as well.


Assuming the PDF is hyperlinked to your page - you can set clicks to that link as a Conversion Goal, and it will then count the clicks and show as a conversion rate (percentage of all visitors that clicked it). However, if you have both a form and a download link on the same page (sorry it wasn’t clear if that’s the case from your description) then I believe you will need to choose one of the actions to be your goal. (form submission OR click). Otherwise they will both add together and you won’t know the breakdown between the two. Hope that helps! Simon


To add on Simon’s point, if you’re using an external hosting solution such as Dropbox or Google Drive to host the .PDF, you could simply track the clicks on that link as a conversion on your main landing page. However, if you’re trying to track the clicks on the form confirmation page, then you might need to get a little crafty. 

One thing you could try would be using Dropbox/Google Drive, then shortening the link via Bitly or Goo.gl, then linking to that on your form confirmation dialogue. That way you can use the link shortening service to track the clicks on the link

Another thing you could try is setting up the ‘download’ button on your form confirmation page as a conversion goal in Google Analytics. 

Lastly, perhaps you could try just having the file automatically download once they submit the form. You can do this with a bit of custom code (see Mark’s comment here). 

Hope that helps, Ariel!


I was able to set a conversion goal in Google Analytics to track how many people are downloading. Thank you!


Hi Ariel, how did you do this? This is exactly what I’d like to do, but I’m at a loss.


Hi Justin, how would we go about setting up the “download” button on the form confirmation page as a goal in GA if it’s simply within a light box, not a new URL?