Payment Processors


Hey guys, is there a guide to choosing payment processors, what works well with Unbounce and all that?

I’ll be using it for drop shipping and info products.

I’ve searched the site, and couldn’t find much on the topic.



Hi @KTrav4321,

There is no guide for choosing a payment processor since it’s not recommended to collect sensitive information (CC#s, CVVs, etc.) on a native Unbounce form.

Having said that, you can use a number of solution from payment processing companies like Stripe to eCommerce solutions like Shopify and Gumroad to handle the accounts and payments side of things.
Basically, any cart solution that can be embedded with JS you can apply to your Unbounce landing pages.

Shopify might be a good solution for your drop-shipping and Gumroad for the info products. Shopify has plenty of apps that would also allow you to sell digital products.



Yeah that’s what I mean, what is a good cart system to link to.

Thanks Hristian, that help to clear things up :slight_smile: I was leaning towards Shopify and wanted to make sure it was the right kind of application for an Unbounce sales page.



Hey @KTrav4321

@Hristian already gave a few really good examples. It really just depends on WHAT your are selling. Shopify is great if you’re running an ecomm business and have many products to sell. But, if you’re selling a few products or non physical products it may be overkill, especially considering the cost to run it. In this case you would want to consider something like stripe or paypal.

However, if you already have a website you may look to integrate an ecomm or direct buy plugin/widget/snippet etc, depending on what platform your site is on. WordPress for example has plenty of option like WooCommerce.

In any of these cases you can setup an Unbounce LP to drive traffic to your product page or cart. We’ve ran LPs for our clients that target everything from Amazon to Ebay to Etsy to any of the above.

Best of luck in your searches. PM me if you have any other Qs.



Great suggestions above!

I haven’t used Snipcart, but looking at their documentation, it looks like their cart plays very nicely with Unbounce.

Let us know how it works out!


Thanks again.

I’m selling 3 related physical products at the moment. Maybe I can get away with just Paypal for now?

In the future I will be expanding to multiple stores selling different physical and info products.


@KTrav4321 you probably could - it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of product/payment management.

Keep in mind, your visitors may need to access a separate check-out page for PayPal which could cause a drop-off/lower conversion rate :smirk:


@KTrav4321 you can also take a look at Chec

I played around with their checkout experience on an Unbounce page a few weeks back and it was a good solution for a relatively simple installation.



Hey @Hristian,

We’ve got a client launching a kickstarter campaign, and we’re going to use an embedded payment form on our Unbounce landing page, but I can’t seem to find any help in how to coordinate an Unbounce button to launch our form.

Could you share how you got that to work?



Are you looking for a solution that keeps the entire checkout process on the same page? Because provides a URL you can link out to that would bascially redirect them to the external checkout. You could just link any Unbounce button to that URL.

Or you can use the code that Chec provides, and embed that as an HTML element on your Unbounce page, then style the text so that it looks like a button using CSS. When clicked, the button will open an overlay on the page where the visitor can complete the checkout process.



Hi @shoodwin,

When I was testing it out, I just quickly used the open a URL in a lightbox feature of Unbounce.

Got the URL from Chec and used that for the URL to open in a lightbox.



@Hristian @Nicholas Thank you for the quick reply’s :slight_smile:

Here’s what I came up with, what do you think?


This is awesome! The way you blended Chec into the site is seamless.