Payement gateway


Hi all thanks for the help in advance

I have created a landing a page
I have created a thank you for registering page
I am selling webinars and i would love when they registered for it to take
them directly to the payment and not sure how
I have registered with a company that will be the payement gateway
they even have a
"Paste a ‘Pay Now’ button on your website.

Add a payment button on your website – no need for any additional systems or shopping carts."

how do i intergrate it into my unbounce thank you for registering page


Hey @Jason_Grossman,

Just so I am clear - you will have a registration form on your LP and when they click the “submit” button you want it to take them to the payment page? If so, all you need to do is:

  • Select your form and in the “Form Confirmation” panel to the right in the tool bar change “Show form confirmation dialog” to “Go to URL

  • Then enter the URL to the payment gateway that you have been giving form your provider

No need to use the "Paste a ‘Pay Now’ button on your website. Unless you can create a full registration form with it. In which case there should be embed code for the entire form - you will need to ask your provider.

With that embed code you can use the “Custom HTML” tool from the left sidebar and place it where you need/want it on your LP.

Hope that helps!


Hi i think the second option is probably best
they do have a pay now buttom with custom code

that way I can direct my clients straight to payement wislt the irons hot


@Jason_Grossman I agree direct is always better. You had mentioned you wanted a form though. Whatever works best. You could A/B test it!