Password Protect a Landing Page

Unbounce may you please consider adding a password-protection option. This would be greatly appreciated and pretty widely used in our agency. 

Agreed with Joe above. Unfortunately I will have to use instapages instead.

Would love to see this!

I am also voting for password protected pages, I already love Unbounce but this would be extremely helpful.

Did this ever make it in? Seems an obvious requirement really, what if you wanted to collect survey results from chosen invitees or you wanted an internal data capture form that then webhooks into a CMS, seems an easy, obvious and really cheap way to make Unbounce even better :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,

could you please give us a short update about the topic?


I would also like to know if and when password protected pages will be allowed. It seems as if this is a 2 yrs old request.

My company uses unbounce for all of our marketing campaigns, whether large or small. However, the small pitches are usually on a need to know basis. Password protection would really help us control who sees what without causing confusion. This feature would be really helpful and prevent us from using multiple third-party services.

Hi, is this in the road map at all?

I just read the thread starting from 2014 and surprised this small feature still hasn’t been considered. I have a client who wants to create a landing page with sensitive information which will be shared on a FYEO basis - I searched for the function to password protect a page and realised there wasn’t one.

Are there plugins that could potentially do this for the moment?

Any news on this feature ?

Really would like to be able to put password field into the form. Can you help how to?

Hi @AnnaHajas1990,

This thread is actually about password protecting the landing page and not about getting a password field in your form.

Currently, Unbounce doesn’t support password fields in your forms. The data from the form is sent as plain text so you shouldn’t really ask for passwords in your native Unbounce forms.

If you really need to ask for a password in your form, I would suggest custom coding the form since that would give you more control over it.


I find it interesting that each time a customer asks for the ability to have a landing page password protected, the developer asks for a case use. Therefore I will supply with a very important case use when dealing with Pitch pages and landing page development for clients…

Is there any update on this thread/feature request?

Upvote for password protecting feature!

Is there a work around that anybody knows about using custom code to pop up a dialog box as soon as the page loads and then ask for a password? The password can be embedded into the code for all I care, it just needs to give the illusion of security. Does anybody know how to do this?

Hey @nevin,

If you are just after the illusion of security, it should be pretty straight forward to code this.

I haven’t seen a code like this here in the community but a decent developer should be able to put this for you in a couple of hours.


I vote for the option to have a password protect acess to landing page