Password fields for registration forms



I run a members only e-commerce site and want to integrate the customer registration page with unbounce landing pages. The challenge is to record the masked password and have it sent to our server. I see this has been discussed in some posts earlier. Any new updates when this type of functionality will be available?



Hi Roger,

As you can imagine, this functionality is still dependant on the implementation of SSL. Whils this is currently our biggest project being worked on, I don’t have an exact timeline for when SSL will be launching. With that being said, once SSL has been launched, I can’t guarantee if this exact feature will be implemented as it isn’t necessarily a big use for landing pages.

I’ll see if I can get someone from the product team to weigh in on this a bit further.


Hi Roger,

I’m just following up on Justin’s post a few more details on SSL:

We are currently in development and coming close to running a closed beta test that will allow SSL certificates to be enable for your domains. We expect that this will start by the end of the month. After a few weeks of testing (if we’re happy with the performance) we’ll be able to have a general release.

As for the specific password masking feature you’re looking for, I can’t make any promises for a delivery date. We are still finalizing this years development roadmap. We will be looking at forms later in the year and that’s when new features (like yours) might be implemented.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a more satisfying answer. However, I’d rather be honest about if/when we can deliver than give you a vague promise that “it’s coming soon”.

I do appreciate that you made the feature request! The best way for us to decide what we’re going to build is direct feedback from customers like you. The more requests we get, the higher we prioritize the project.


Thanks for your quick reply.

I looked into Visual website optimiser as well, and I noticed that you refer to it in several articles. It may be a temporary solution for us to use Unbounce for landing pages and and test variations of the existing e-commerce registration page using Visual Website Optimiser. Is there a Cooperation of some sort between Unbounce and Visual Website Optimiser?



Hi Roger - we do some cross-promotion with Visual Website Optimizer, since it’s complimentary to Unbounce in a lot of ways. It would be great for what you’re describing–for testing pages on your existing website. And, while Unbounce has A/B testing built in, VWO lets you add multivariate testing and heat maps on top of that. It’s also pretty easy to add VWO, since their code just needs to be added via the Unbounce scripts panel (or the Script Manager, if you want to add it to all of your pages)


Is there beta access to SSL yet?  


Hi Zoe,

Access to SSL is available in unbounce now. Please see an excerpt of an email that I received confirming this from last week explaining how to use it and how to get the security seal to show up as well. I’m about to jump on the SSL bandwagon and just preparing to roll this out across all our pages. I seriously can’t recommend SSL enough, it’s made a big difference on conversions and sales in some of our other clients websites, I see no reason why we wont have the same impact across our unbounce pages.

Hope that helps!



The good news?

If you’re an Unbounce customer with a Pro account, your pages are now SSL enabled. (awww yeah!)

Your pages will now show HTTPS and the green lock icon in the address bar, which will give your visitors that much more of a reason to trust you and convert.

But wait, There’s more! (Get your Security seal to Drive more Conversions).

Our security partner, GlobalSign, has a security seal that you can add to your SSL enabled pages. It serves as visual one-two punch that your landing pages are the real deal. It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 105931 AMpng

To add the security seal to your pages, follow these steps:

  1. Visit this link to get the GlobalSign code to embed on your page.
  2. Select your seal format (there are four designs to choose from).
  3. Once you’ve chosen the design you prefer, copy the associated HTML code provided.
  4. Head into the Page Builder and drag and drop the HTML widget onto your page.
  5. Paste the code from GlobalSign into the Embed HTML Code window then click Done.
    (Heads up, the Unbounce Page Builder might tell you there’s a problem with the code, but it’s all good Ð your security seal will display properly when your page is published.)


That’s awesome, thanks for the heads up Stuart! Does this mean there would be a way to add a password field with confirmation on a form? (I’m hoping to connect to an external DB via API and capture registrations directly).


Hi Zoe,

We’ve had the request for secure password collection a number of times. It’s a great feature and one that we’d like to support. However, the first step was getting SSL up and running. 

We’re looking at a project to improve our forms later in the year and this is a feature we’ll consider adding at that time. 

If you just can’t wait and would like to collect passwords now, I’d recommend taking a look at 123contactform . They are one of our partners and offer this service. Their forms embed right into Unbounce landing pages. 

I hope that helps. 


Thanks Paul, we have a custom built embedded registration form now, but I was hoping to use Unbounce forms to allow full flexibility in A/B testing and editing. Will look into 123contactforms again, but I think we will just have to stick with our custom form for now. 

Look forward to password fields being supported! :) 


Hi Zoe, how did you do your embedded registration form? Did you use a custom HTML field or some other technique?


Hey Paul, I embedded using the “Custom HTML” with our registration form in an iframe. 


Hi Zoe,

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner but it seems you had it all under control. I’ve been thinking about this problem for a while as we’d like to do something similar. The route we’ve ended up deciding on doesn’t collect passwords as such but matches an email address against a list, triggers a script which generates a password, inserts it into our clients DB which triggers a welcome/registration email to be sent to the registrant. That way we bypass any passwords being passed to unbounce forms and don’t have to worry about encryption issues. The password generation script is protected and has security that allows it only to be run by certain IP addresses and other scripts, therefore protecting anyone from trying to access it directly and generate a login for themselves.

I don’t know if that’s of any help but it’s what we are working on at the moment. 




Thanks Stuart, great idea! I’ll pass onto our dev team so they can look into this further and how it can work with our API.


Whoa, Stuart. That’s quite the workaround! Do you have this up and running currently? Would love to geek over how this is set up. 


Not finished yet Justin, I’ll give you a heads up when it is and share what I came up with. 


Has there been any update to this? I would love to be able to create direct signups with passwords!


Is there any ETA on this feature being implemented? My company would really like to use the default form feature to accept user registrations and not having a masked password field that avoids the passwords being stored in the Unbounce system is a big detractor from using your service.


Any update on this? I’d like to also offer a password field that’s masked and not stored in the Unbounce system.