Passing variables



Is it possible to pass variable from destination URL through Webhook to third-party script. For example, I want to pass Country name from different geo-targeted campaigns in AdWords. Can I use something like…
as destination URL in AdWords. And then use Webhook to pass country value to third-party script?
I use lead generation landing pages with form to submit.

Thank you,


Hi Alex, if I understand your question correctly, yes this is possible. You can see an example on this knowledge base FAQ here.

We will pass through any URL query string params to form fields of the same name. So in your case, you would add a hidden field to your form and name it “country”. When your page loads with ?country=canada in the URL, we’ll populate the hidden field with “canada” which will be sent along to the webhook with all the rest of your data when the form is submitted.

Does that answer your question?


Great! Just tested it - it works fine. Thank you!


This is great. Is it possible to populate non-hidden fields in the same manner? Have not been able to get that to work.


Absolutely Finge! Any form field, hidden or visible, will automatically populate with the revelvant query parameter.

So if, for example, you have a “name” field on your form, a query parameter of “?name=Finge” will prepopulate with that value. We also have a video in Unbounce Answers that demos how this works.


Thank you, Ryan! You’re a rockstar!