Passing UTM paramters to the Thank you page URL



How do I pass the UTMs parameters to the thank you page URL like this example:


Hi there!

When setting up the form, in the properties pane on the right, where you put the “thank you” page URL in, there’s a little checkbox below it that says “append form data to URL.”

As long as you have your UTMs set up as hidden fields on the form, they will be passed through to the thank you page URL if you have that checked.

Here’s a video showing this step-by-step:

Good luck!


Hey Nicolas,

How do I pass only the UTMs parameters, it’s forbidden to pass form data in the URL

Google not allowing to do that

Thanks for your help!!


It might work well to use a 3rd party tool that manages a redirect for UTM’s, like or CampaignTracker


Hey Nicholas!

Thanks for this info and the very informative video! Just hoping you can help with a similar, but slightly different query…

I’m trying to find a way to instantly redirect people from a page on my primary domain to a subdomain but still keep the original UTM tracking.

So, they would visit and then instantly be redirected to and the tracking would stay intact.

Is there a way to use Unbounce to setup a redirect that will ensure the UTM isn’t stripped out?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages, but just can’t find a solution!

Thanks so much if you have any ideas!


Would be an Unbounce page with a form? or what’s the purpose of redirecting in this case?