Passing UTM parameters from WordPress to Unbounce?

Is it possible to pass through UTM parameters from a WordPress over to an Unbounce page when someone clicks to that Unbounce page? Wouldn’t be a form and the link from WP to the Unbounce page is set up in WordPress. Thanks!

Hi @hpc,

If you are using the WordPress plugin for Unbounce, you really shouldn’t tag URLs with UTM parameters since both the “main” site and the landing page would be on the same domain. That can seriously mess up your attribution in Google Analytics.

The UTM parameters would already be pushed to Google Analytics if traffic is flowing from the site to the landing page.

If the WordPress site and the landing page are on different domains, you would have to decorate your outgoing links with the desired UTM parameters. This would have to be done on your WordPress site.


Got it. The Unbounce plugin is set up on WordPress but my team has never tried it before and I became curious about saving parameters between a WordPress page and Unbounce page.

Similar question hopefully, but, let’s say someone landed on one of our Unbounce landing pages with URL parameters but didn’t fill out a form and left the page. Then, about a few days later, they google our name, get back on the website, but fill out a different form on a different Unbounce page that uses the WordPress plugin. Could those parameters still be captured by the form from their first visit?

Hey @hpc,

The answer to your question is as always - it depends. A few days later might be 2 or might be 22.

The source of the traffic and the browser being used also will have a role in this. (ex. Safari wipes out cookies within 24h/7 days depending on the traffic source due to privacy reasons (ITP).)

In order to capture UTM parameters from a previous visit, what you can try to do is upon the first visit write those parameters in the browser’s localStorage. If a visitor returns from the same browser, you can look up and see if they have these parameters saved and pushed them to the form as hidden fields.


Thank you, makes sense!