Passing Unbounce Variant Letter to FB Ads Manager


I am trying to track combinations of ad creative and landing page variants in FB, but need to send the variant letter to FB.

I’d like to do this without having to remember to change a FB Parameter by hand every time I create a new LP variant. I know it works for Google Analytics (Shows up with, but not sure how to grab this info for a FB event.

My working theory is to use GTM to import it from the DataLayer, but I am not finding the variant variable anywhere.



Hi @Scott_Graham1,

Each Unbounce landing page has a unique ID, variant letter, etc. as seen on the attached screenshot below.

You can use those variables to capture whatever you need.



Similar sort of question…

If a visitor clicks through to another page, is there a way to pass the variant ID into a URL parameter on the next page? For example, if the visitor is shown variant B of, and they click on a link to, could I send the click to


Hey @Andy2,

Short answer - Yes.

Long answer - Yes, you can add some custom JS that would pick up the variant letter and append it to the “outgoing” links.

Depending on why you need this, you might be able to track your visitors through Google Analytics and skip the custom development.



Thanks @Hristian! I need to track this data in our CRM, so tracking in GA alone unfortunately would not work.

Do you know if this custom JS exists already, or will I need to have a developer create it? If the former, could you please point me in the right direction?


@Andy2 I don’t think that there is a script you can just copy/paste since most of these things are pretty individual. Your best route would be to get a developer to write one for you.

We’ve done similar work in the past with appending outgoing URLs with specific information so that’s why I know it won’t take a lot of dev time.



@Hristian Thanks much!


Depending on the CRM integration, might be able to do this through Tag Manager?

BTW-- The above worked perfect Hristian! Thanks for your response!