Passing through ONLY utm parameters


Hey there, 

I’m working with a client who is using UTM tagging parameters for his links. 

We have a landing page with a ticket registration form (ex. I’ve added hidden fields to it and it captures the UTM parameters fine. 

However, upon submitting the form, we present the visitor with an option to request more tickets for colleagues, team members, etc. People who want to request more tickets are taken to an exact copy of the page (just different URL to properly track/analyse in our backend; ex

I do this through a button on the conformation popup/dialogue. The button is set to “Pass through URL parameters”.

However, once a user clicks through on that button, the new page loads up UTM parameters AND form field data. The form on the team page gets pre-populated with all the information entered on the original page. 

Is there a way to pass through only the UTM parameters, so the new form is empty?



Hello Hristian,

This is interesting.  So it sounds like you really do not want to pass through the URL parameters.  Maybe you could change the parameters so that it does not auto populate and have all of the pass through parameters hidden?  i.e. Guest Name, Guest Email etc. and have the previous form fields hidden.  

Best of luck,



Hey Joe, 

Thank you for your suggestion. Unbounce support suggested something similar and I’m in the midst of testing it now.