Passing form info using POST with a Action URL that feeds to Velocify (a crm that has a dialer on it)

How would I do this using Unbounces forms?

On PHP it looks like this:

The the fields have IDs and Names that feed into the CRM:

Agent Last Name*

I’m not sure if its the name or ID the CRM (e.g. alname) looks for but it does look for specific ids/names to populate the info correctly.

How would I go about this with Unbounce?

Hello slvex,

This is done using a webhook.

Webhook instructions:

Your receiving end, however, must be prepared to receive your form data in the format which Unbounce sends it. My service is integrated with many 3rd party endpoints/CRMs. If you need help we can discuss Velocify-integrated service for you.

Good luck. Please let me know if you need assistance.


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Hey @slvex,

It’s been a while since we integrated Veloficy for a couple of our clients and Velocify’s internal documentation about pushing leads into it is no longer available.

However, based on my emails from the time, you’ll need to use the Post form data to URL option on your form. The field labels must match exactly.

Ask your Velocify rep for the most up to date documentation and just follow that. It took us a few trial and errors last time around since their documentation wasn’t very detailed but it worked eventually.

Also, you can’t use Webhooks since Velocify wasn’t set up to accept such POSTs last time I checked.


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