Passing form data First Name etc from one form to another


I’m just trying to get clarification if passing some form field data from one form on a test page to another form on a destination page.

My understanding is if I set the 1st form destination to a url with the append form data to url parameter that I can pass that information along to the second form.

At this point as long as the second form on the destination url is the same name it will populate that form with the form data in the URL parameter?



Hi Brad!

Yep you pretty much got it.

You can capture data from step 1 in step 2 using hidden fields. Make sure that the field labels are identical!


Ok, not sure if I need that, the first form will be sending the data to a contact list, the second form on a landing page will be going to different place. All I’m trying to do is pass the name/email into a different form so the user wont have to retype the info.

Do I need to use hidden fields for that?